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LIKO-12 V1.0.0 (Native Builds) has been released !
Changelog: Bugfixes: 1. Fix high keyboard letancy in the help command (DiskOS). 2. Fix persistent gamedata saving (DiskOS). 3. Fix eventloop not running in game...
6 files
LIKO-12 V0.6.0_PRE_06 Has been released !
Changelog: New: 1. New custom palettes support, `colorPalette(id,red,green,blue)` 2. New `exit()` function to exit the current running game. 3. Ctrl-X and Ctrl-...
7 files
LIKO-12 V0.6.0_PRE_05 Has been released !
A Quickfix: Fix LIKO-12 crashing when r8 canvas format is not supported. Fix a bug slowing down LIKO-12 boot time by causing the OS to always reflash if you use...
7 files
LIKO-12 V0.6.0_PRE_04 Has been released !
Hello everyone ! Today after 2 months from releasing PRE_03 I have released PRE_04 with a lot of the very requested changes ! And here comes the list: Better co...
7 files
My LDJam 39 Game
Hello everyone, I just release my first LDJam game ever, even made using LIKO-12: I hope you all like it, don...