LIKO-12 V0.6.0_PRE_04 Has been released !

Hello everyone !

Today after 2 months from releasing PRE_03 I have released PRE_04 with a lot of the very requested changes !

And here comes the list:

Better code editor syntax highlighter by lhs_azevedo:

Super thanks for him :)

Code selection and copy & paste functionality:

This has been requested very much by a lot of people, and here it's now.

Editors shortcuts:

Now you can run, save and reload the game by pressing ctrl-r, ctrl-s, ctrl-l.

Sprite editor selection size slider & new layout:

I didn't feel the huge need for it until I started using it :P

New paint program:

This paint program is a 'standalone' editor, in order to use it with your game spritesheet you have to do:

save mygamesheet --sheet
paint mygamesheet
load mygamesheet

Joysticks Support:

LIKO-12 got joysticks support, with an internal program to remap the joystick buttons (type 'joymap'), and the support for unlimited number of joysticks :3

Any game that uses btn() and btnp() functions will automatically get the joystick controls.

circle() and ellipse() segments number argument:

The circle() and the ellipse() functions now support passing a number of segment for them to use, check the official documentation site.

New 'install_games' command:

There's now a new command to install a set of game shipped with LIKO-12, and in each new release I may add any game made by the community, so share us your work !

Here's some gifs for the current set of games:

New 'mathcircles' demo by @egordorichev:

The full changelog:


1. New Paint program.
2. New hex string sprite copy format.
3. Now can paste from PICO-8 and TIC-80, and can also copy to TIC-80.
4. New sprite editor selection size slider.
5. New `install_games` program, to install a set of built-in games.
6. New games: Snake, minesweeper, batteryman, pong.
7. New sprite editor shorcuts, check the docs for them.
8. New `loadcart` program to load old LIKO-12 V0.0.5a carts.
9. New joysticks support, with unlimited number of controllers.
10. New `joymap` program to remap the joystick buttons.
11. New controls test demo `joytest`.
12. Added support for installing custom editors.
13. New lua syntax highlighter by lhs_azevedo.
14. Now colors the api functions in the code editor.
15. New `exit` command, the same of `shutdown` command.
16. New ctrl-s, ctrl-l, ctrl-r works in the editors and the edit program.
17. New copy program to copy single files.
18. circle() and ellipse() now accepts segments count argument.
19. New `pastebin run` varient.
20. New Gif recording pause key: `F7`
21. Now system messages are shown when starting, pauseing, etc... the gif recording.
22. New selection functionality in the code editor to copy, paste, etc... \o/.
23. New math functions: math.isConvex, math.triangulate, math.noise and math.randomNormal.
24. New 'mathcircles' Demo by @egordorichev, check it out !


1. Faster gif recording.
2. New sprite editor layout.


1. Bugfix appdata program oppening the appdata folder after showing help.
2. Fix some internal cursors hot position.
3. Fix `appdata` and `folder` programs on Android to print the path instead of openning the browser.
4. Fixed a bug that the shaders fail to compile on some opengl-es devices.
5. Bugfix issue #107 "Invalid Print Alignment"

Operating System:

1. New Editor.utils, makes adding standalone editors more easier.
2. New editors api function `eapi:addEditor()`, Allows you to add custom editor.
3. Made the terminal commands case sensitive.
4. New temp folder `C:/.temp/`, Gets cleaned at startup.


1. Now uses `r8` canvas format instead of `rgba8`.
2. `NormBIOS Revision 060-011`: New file tracking when in devmode.
3. New system messages functionality.
4. New `CPU.getSaveDirectory` to get the real save directory in the host filesystem.
5. Added `` to the lua sandbox.

Aug 26, 2017
Aug 26, 2017
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Aug 26, 2017
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Aug 26, 2017
Aug 26, 2017

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